COVID-19 Church Response

Our Elders have been in electronic communications about how our congregation should respond to COVID-19.

The Elders took the following actions:

- Worship and all Sunday activities will be suspended, including Sunday, March 15, 2020. We will resume these activities dependent upon advice from local and state health officials.

- Beginning Monday, March 16, 2020, we will be closing the building to all outside groups.

- Staff will be here but staying isolated. We ask you to respect this and avoid coming to the church.

- We will be handling incoming mail.

- Staff will be paid during the building closing and worship suspension.

- We will be investigating if a thorough cleaning of the building is necessary.

- Committees are encouraged to meet via email, Zoom, and phone calls.

- We are also discussing ways we can offer assistance to our church community during this time.

The elders took these actions for the following reasons:

- This is a serious public health issue and we should treat it as such. Social distancing and reduced public interaction to reduce the spread of disease and ease burdens on local health providers.

- We have an elderly congregation and age is a risk factor for COVID-19. We want to keep all our members safe.

- The closure of our building to outside groups might impose a temporary burden on some of them, but the Elders feel that the public health benefits outweigh the risks.

What can you do?

- Stay in touch with each other.

- Let us know of needs you or others have.

- Please continue to send in your contributions and pledges. Our need to pay bills and our staff does not cease. Your faithful stewardship will see us through this challenge.

- Avoid contact; wash your hands.

- Check in with friends and family.

- Most importantly…share the peace of Christ generously with others during these anxious times.

We will keep you posted electronically for those with email, Facebook, website and phone calls with future scheduling information. You may call the church and Pastor Barb with any needs or questions.

Office Phone: (330) 455-9028


Sunday School Opportunities


Sunday School Opportunities

Children/youth begin in worship with the family, hear the children's message, and then leave for Sunday school. We would  enjoy sharing God's word with children of all ages.

Rotation Sunday School

Our lessons are taught through drama, music, crafts, computer lab, video lab, science and cookery.  The story is reveiwed weekly. Rotation Sunday School is for grade school children/youth.  Come join us in this exciting way to learn about God's word.

Bible Study

Our Bible Study group will meet from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. every Wednesday.