Russian Orthodox Depiction of Holy Trinity

Russian Orthodox artistic depiction (icon) of  the Holy Trinity originating from the 14th  century still welcomes us into the life of the Trinity in this century. Look at this Trinity icon – what you’ll see is an image inspired by the Abraham story of the three visitors of God whom he welcomed. The three figures in the icon are depicted as angels seated at a table. They have identical faces but their postures and clothing differ as though we are looking at the same figure shown in three different ways. But it is the way in which the figures relate to one another which is so compelling. The father looks to the son gesturing toward this Word made flesh, Christ gazes back at the Father but points to the Spirit, and the Spirit opens up the circle to receive the viewer. Between the Spirit and the Father in the Trinity icon is an open space at the table in which the viewer is brought to sit in communion with the God head. Here we see an image of God’s relational circle into which we are welcomed. The Father sends the Son, the son sends the Spirit, and the Spirit welcomes us to the table. It is a lush image of how God relates to God’s self and to us.